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Supplies & Gear

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Our program requires lots of supplies and gear to help kids engage with the natural world and all kinds of weather. We’re always grateful for monetary donations that help make it possible for us to acquire this gear.

However, we are also accepting donations of the supplies and gear we’re in need of. This includes:

  • sleeping bags

  • tarps

  • old pots and pans

  • metal utensils (ladle, ice-cream scoop, tongs, etc.)

  • recycled containers

  • buckets

  • old mats

  • wicker baskets

  • rope, twine, slackline

  • fabric (old sheets, burlap, drop cloth, sheer curtains)

  • functional tools (hammers, screwdrivers, saws, files, scissors, shears)

  • flint and steel

  • clean nails and screws

  • measuring tapes and sticks

  • gardening tools- trowel, shovel, rake,

  • work gloves

  • rubbermaid tubs- 7L

  • nature themed books, nature ID books

  • clipboards

  • stationary- coloured sharpies, markers, crayons, paper etc.

  • magnifying glasses

  • compasses

  • binoculars

  • firewood

  • packable hammocks

If you’d prefer to donate items rather than make a monetary donation, just contact us about the items you’d like to donate and we’ll facilitate pick up!