These programs started in September and run until June 2023. Fees will be prorated to reflect the number of remaining classes in the year.

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After you fill in the registration details you will be directed to a payment plan page where you can choose to have monthly payments autowithdrawn using a credit card, or pay in three payments manually by e-transfer or credit card. There is no charge to be put on the waitlist: simply fill in the registration information and keep the program in your cart. If a spot opens up you’ll be invited to complete your order and pay your registration fee.

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While every day at forest school unfolds differently based on the community present, their interests, the season, the weather, and the various loose parts found or introduced at the site, students can be sure that they will be welcomed by all.

Free play, put away backpacks on the tarp. Play as other friends arrive in the space (basecamp).

Clean hands get snacks.

Morning meeting on tarp- share a story, discuss changes/observations, using a talking stick share what experiences each child would like to enjoy.

Students will be afforded the large chunks of time necessary to really settle into the kind of play from which rich, deep learning can emerge, and teachers and accompanying volunteers will be encouraged to both play with and closely observe students during this time, as opposed to only supervising or managing behaviour.

Sit spots will be enjoyed to connect with the natural environment as well as practice self-regulation, calming techniques and reflection.

Throughout the day, stories will be read and told and students will be encouraged to spin their own stories, perhaps based on their experiences at Forest School, perhaps based solely on imagination, or perhaps a mix of both!

As the day comes to a close, we will share our highlights of the day, and share one final “hoot and howl” before gathering gear, heading down the path to the parking lot, and saying goodbye to the land and each other.

We will be outside rain, shine or snow. Educators at EFSS consult the weather forecast daily, and weather-related safety is considered in all decision making.

However, on occasion, the weather may become hazardous for children to play outside. If the park is deemed too risky due to high winds or weather such as a thunderstorm or tornado, we will make adjustments to our class location by using the public

park facility or alternate cold weather location. In the case of predicted thunder and lightning, educators

will ensure students are close to shelter so that they can 

take cover quickly. In case of extreme cold (-25°C or below), educators will limit students’ length of exposure, and will constantly assess students’ comfort and safety, watching for signs of frostbite.

Parents will be notified by email/phone if there will be a different drop-off or pick-up location or if there is an emergency.

Forest play can have some risk involved. We believe in the importance of risky play being part of a child’s healthy learning and development.

Before children arrive at the program, educators perform site assessments for the park and risk assessments and dynamic risk assessments for activities being offered or explored. A discussion with students will occur as risk assessment is best done together.

After you fill in the registration form, you will be directed to a payment plan page where you can choose to have monthly payments autowithdrawn using a credit card, or pay in three payments manually by e-transfer or credit card.

Yes! If the program is full, you’ll be put on a waitlist and notified if a spot opens up. Fees will be prorated to reflect the remaining classes. 

We’re happy to chat with you about this possibility. Please send us an email at to explain your situation.

There is an extra 3.9% fee to pay by credit card. This covers the cost of using a credit card platform.

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The program is meant to be a full year program, this way participants have time to build relationships with each other, the educators and the land we are on through all the seasons. When you register you are automatically registered for the full year. The majority of our participants stay with us for the full year but we do understand that sometimes things happen and a family has to leave the program. In this case we have a cancellation policy that states that you must provide one month’s written notice.